FLY TRX - Take bodyweight training to new heights with TRX Suspension Training. All levels, all goals, all core, all the time. TRX uses gravity and motion to build your strength, endurance, cardiovascular capacity, balance and flexibility. Did we mention that this class is also tons of fun!?


TRX PLAYGROUND - Take TRX training to the next level with this intense circuit class that holds nothing back! TRX Playground, emphasizes strength, endurance, cardiovascular capacity and power. Come test your limits, change your body, and have a blast.


FLY YO - Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Fly Yo offers everyone a challenge by taking you deeper into your muscle layers and body awareness. With a central focus on core, this class gives you a chance to fine tune your posture, form, flexibility and strength to take your performance in all of your other activities to the next level. Expect a mix of contemporary music, a solid sweat, breath meditation, stretching, and muscle fatigue—whether from holding a pose or using light weights—all followed by a state of zen. You will leave this class feeling like you 'Done your body good'!


ORGANIZED CHAOS BOOT CAMP - Anything goes with this ultimate calorie-burning workout! Each class is different, but every class is fun and challenging. Be sure to bring a light jacket if it's chilly. You never know when we might fly outside to run stairs or perform a set of lunges across the dock.


FLY FLEX - A total body workout that ignites your metabolism while building lean muscle. This low impact workout will push you to your limits and challenge even the toughest athlete. Various types of equipment such as the bosu, ugi ball, dumbbell, or even your own body weight are used to target major muscle groups.


FLY CYCLE CLASSIC - With our classic ride, you get it all… hills, sprints and endurance followed by cycling-specific stretches. Like all of our classes, this one is fun, challenging and designed to leave you drenched with sweat.


FLY CYCLE EXPRESS - Welcome to the best of both worlds! Get in and get it done with this 45-minute butt-kicking, calorie-torching ride. If you have any time or energy left, stay for a 15-minute upper body and core blast!


FLY CYCLE FLEX - Best of both worlds! Class begins with an intense 30-minute power ride (you can do anything for 30 minutes). After the ride, you climb off the bike and head to the floor for 30-minutes of strength training intervals using bodyweight and equipment. Equipment includes, but is not limited to: UGI Balls, TRX, dumbbells, bands, Bender Balls, barbells, BOSU balls, stability balls, sandbags, medicine balls, and kettle bells.


FLY CYCLE YO - Interested in a work out that challenges your mind and body? Looking for a way to train past your edge and become stronger? If your answer is ‘yes’, then come check out FLY CYCLE YO! This work out combines intense cardio training on the bike with the flow of yoga, effectively challenging you to increase mental and physical endurance. By linking breath with movement and moving with intention during your yoga practice, you will find access to more strength when you’re on the bike, and when you’re doing any other physical activity. Cycle on the bike the first 30 minutes of class, then enjoy 40 minutes of yoga strategically designed to complement the hard work on the bike.


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